A greenwashing detection tool for financial regulators and publicly traded companies.
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Engineered for purpose
GWI is an award-winning AI & blockchain powered greenwashing detection application developed by ImpactScope and InsigAI in consultation with regulators from the UK FCA, World Bank, Malta Financial Services Authority and the Central Bank of Bahrain.
“Companies who break the rules may be excluded from procurements, lose their revenues and face a fine of at least at 4% of their annual turnover”
European Parliament Internal Market
and Environment Committee
How it works
For each company it monitors, GWI is able to rapidly detect contradictions, inconsistencies and unsubstantiated ESG claims across multiple datasets, including corporate reports and regulatory filings, sustainability reports, earnings call transcripts, product brochures, social media posts and carbon offset registries. Moreover, it includes a scoring system allowing comparison of different companies for greenwashing risk and reporting risk.
Key features & benefits
90% faster review
Automated greenwashing identification saves over 90% review time compared to exhaustive manual audits and assessments.
High precision
Trained by sustainability experts and ESG researchers on a data lake of 138,000 corporate documents and 150 million tagged sentences.
Immutable audit trails
Detected greenwashing instances are immutably recorded on blockchain ledgers to transparently preserve detected cases.
Automated and intuitive
Corporate users and regulators don’t need to upload any documents or data sets. GWI does all the heavy lifting. The generated reports are immediately actionable.
No black boxes
GWI’s greenwashing risk scores and reporting risk scores are based on 27 transparent weights and parameters which can be modified on the fly.
Multiple datasets
GWI looks for inconsistencies across multiple distinct data sets, including corporate reports, social media statements, carbon offset registries and Net Zero Tracker.
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